February Update

I think it's time to assume Hakkar and Chromaggus will never be fixed T_T

Attempts have been made to relieve the pressure on the server on Sundays. Issues were causing duplicate kills to be added. The data already attempts to fix itself, the pages now recache. Please continue to report any visible issues.

World Bosses Spawn Times

Boss Time since kill Spawn possibility
Azuregos 0 day(s) 12 hr(s) 42 min(s) None
Lord Kazzak 7 day(s) 3 hr(s) 30 min(s) Low
Emeriss 2 day(s) 14 hr(s) 14 min(s) -
Lethon 2 day(s) 14 hr(s) 47 min(s) -
Taerar 2 day(s) 14 hr(s) 28 min(s) -
Ysondre 2 day(s) 15 hr(s) 7 min(s) -

Alliance vs Horde Alterac Valley

Boss Kills this week Kills today
Drek'Thar 0 0
Vanndar Stormpike 0 0

Last week's winner

The Horde

128 kills

Silithus Spawn Times Greater Wind Stones

Stones Time until spawn
Stone 1 Spawned
Stone 2 Spawned
Stone 3 Spawned

Stones currently spawned