Realm merge

The website update has been completed

Testing will commence once the realms are back online

I'm yet to decide what to do with guild rankings - for now assume you can race for KT again

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World Bosses Spawn Times

Boss Time since kill Spawn possibility
Azuregos 0 day(s) 14 hr(s) 24 min(s) None
Lord Kazzak 4 day(s) 14 hr(s) 4 min(s) None
Emeriss Not killed -
Lethon Not killed -
Taerar Not killed -
Ysondre Not killed -

Alliance vs Horde Alterac Valley

Boss Kills this week Kills today
Drek'Thar 0 0
Vanndar Stormpike 0 0

Last week's winner


0 kills

Silithus Spawn Times Greater Wind Stones

Stones Time until spawn
Stone 1 Spawned
Stone 2 Spawned
Stone 3 Spawned

Stones currently spawned